Foundation: I started as a small reseller in Koreatown, Los Angeles, selling less-hyped items. I was actually scammed on my first sale of yeezys and since then I've been more careful and built relationships that led to other relationships overtime. This business has helped me understand business marketing, brand community, and today's fashion trend. It has also helped me to build strong relationships with people I've met for the first time or through social media. 

Why CopDropLA: Cop means to successfully purchase the weekly drop, and Drop means to release the weekly products, which is why I named it to be CopDrop Los Angeles. People prefer to use our service over any other platform because of the reliability, authenticity, fixed pricing, and super fast shipping (local and delivery). 

Customers: I currently have weekly buyers that pre-purchases weekly drops so items listed on this website may be a little less hyped. You can also pre-purchase weekly drops, also known as "PROXY" by sending me a message on Instagram (@COPDROPLA). My current customers include NBA players, Famous Rappers, Youtube Bloggers, and Streetwear models.  

Shipping: Shipping is already included in the price. Most shipping is through USPS Priority (1-2 days) or First Class (2-3 days) after purchase. Please give up to 24 hours to prepare the shipment after you complete your purchase. There is no international shipping at this time. UPDATE* I now ship to CANADA with an extra flat fee of $10, please message me on instagram before purchasing. 

Pricing: Not all products are current market price as many items I am selling are items that increase in value over time. However, discounts and promos will be available time to time to purchase them for under market price.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS: If you are a local customer in Los Angeles, please contact me directly at 213-500-5906 for discounted price. As these prices include shipping, taxes, and fees in checkout, they will be deducted if met up locally.